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Heart Connection Bowl | Single F Bowl - Heart Frequency

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Introducing the Newest Addition to my Sound Healing Collection: The 9" F Bowl - Heart Frequency

I am thrilled to announce the latest gem in my collection of sound healing instruments - the 9" F Bowl, meticulously crafted to resonate with the Heart Frequency. This exquisite crystal bowl is not just an instrument, but a conduit for emotional and spiritual healing, tuned precisely to the frequency of the heart frequency.

Key Features:

  • Heart Alignment: Tuned to 432 Hz, known as the Heart Frequency, this bowl is specifically designed to align and balance the heart chakra, fostering emotional healing and a deeper sense of compassion and empathy.

  • Premium Quality Crystal: Made from the highest grade crystal, the 9" F Bowl produces a pure, resonant sound that permeates every corner of the room, enveloping you in a cocoon of harmonious vibrations.

  • Perfect Size for Versatility: The 9-inch diameter makes it an ideal size for personal meditation sessions, sound therapy, and group healing practices. Its compact size ensures it fits seamlessly into any space, be it a meditation corner or a professional healing studio.

  • Aesthetic Elegance: With its stunning vibrance, this bowl is not just a musical instrument, but a piece of art that enhances the ambiance of any room.


  • Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief: The soothing tones of the 9" F Bowl help in reducing stress and anxiety, promoting a state of deep relaxation and peace.

  • Enhanced Meditation Experience: The resonant heart frequency aids in deeper meditation, helping you to connect with your inner self and the universe.

  • Sound Healing: The vibrational qualities of this bowl assist in energy healing, clearing blockages, and rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit.

The 9" F Bowl - Heart Frequency is more than just a crystal bowl; it's a tool for transformation and healing. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a beginner in the world of sound healing, this bowl is sure to elevate your experience and become a cherished part of your spiritual journey.


Type: Pastel Chakra-Colored Frosted Crystal Bowls - Heart Frequency

Bowl notes include: F

Bowl size: F is 9”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the bowls made of?

They are frosted quartz crystal bowls

What happens if I need to replace a bowl?

If you need to replace a damaged bowl in future, please contact us for the current individual bowl replacement price and shipping costs to your location.

How long does delivery take?

Once you order the bowl sets, delivery can take 3-6 weeks depending on destination.

What are the instructions for taking care of the bowls?

Crystal Bowls Care

It is important to remember that crystal singing bowls are a fragile item. Treat them similarly to any other fragile item made of crystal or glass. They must be played with great care to ensure chips or cracks do not occur.

Every bowl is checked for quality during manufacturing for any air bubbles or structural weaknesses, so provided the bowl is played with care and not struck hard or vibrated too strongly while playing, they can last a lifetime.

Storing your crystal singing bowls carefully is also very important. While they are an object of beauty and look wonderful on display in your home, it is very important to consider if your space is ‘impact-free’ and not accessible by others who may not realize the fragility of your crystal bowls. Please keep in mind that they can chip or crack if they are impacted.

Storing your crystal bowls in a cabinet or in the carry bags that are provided whenever you are not playing them is highly recommended for their longevity.

Crystal Bowls Cleaning

Frosted singing bowls, when played with a rubber mallet, can accumulate rubber particles around the playing surface, so you can carefully wipe this rubber off with a cloth and warm water, or if required, apply a glass cleaner.

Remember to make sure your bowl is not impacted or dropped during the cleaning process.

Preparing your crystal bowls playing area

Each crystal singing bowl has a rubber o-ring provided and must always sit on the o-ring to protect the base from coming into direct contact with the ground or bench surface.

Playing your bowls on the ground is recommended for two reasons:

  • 1. To produce maximum sound resonance within your space 
  • 2. It reduces the risk of damage should they be knocked over during playing 

Place a thin yoga mat and thin cloth over the floor to ensure that your bowls can be played safely.

Note: A thick yoga mat or thick blanket under your bowls can muffle the sound produced AND can increase the chance of the smaller bowls in the set being knocked over during playing.

The smallest bowls in your set should be played with extra care as they are more susceptible to being knocked over if struck too firmly or vibrated too strongly by encircling the rim with your mallet or striker. Patiently practice to find the perfect ‘touch’ to play each bowl to ensure they are not damaged.

Are there customs fees?

Customs fees will have to be paid by the purchaser. They will vary in every country but in most cases, won’t apply at all.

What happens if a bowl breaks?

Transit damage for the bowls IS insured but any damage occurred after the initial unboxing is not covered by insurance. See bowl care instructions for information on how to care for the bowls and ensure they are not damaged.

Film your unboxing!

As you know, the crystal bowls can be quite fragile, and while they're packaged with extreme care so that they arrive safely to you, accidents may occur along the way, causing damage or breakage. We've ensured that each shipment has the appropriate insurance so that if you do receive a damaged bowl, you're able to get it replaced.

Something key to note is that you MUST film your unboxing to prove to the insurance that the bowls arrived damaged. Otherwise, without this proof, it may be hard to make the insurance claim.

What is the return policy?

Returns are not allowed after purchase