I spent a big part of my life feeling purposeless and very lost; I couldn’t see past the reality that I was living every day. Ever since I was a child, I was aware of human suffering and the suffering that humans inflict upon each other. This was especially difficult for me. I felt I had to hide who I was and just try to navigate who to be in this world to just get by. 

Slowly, I started to sink into hopelessness and felt numb, wondering what life was about and what it’s all for. It was at this point that I realized something had to change. I felt like my life lacked meaning and so I started on a path of searching for something to fill that void. What became clear on this journey was that everything that I was looking for seemed to be pointing back to me.

I realized that in my core, I believed I wasn’t worthy. By simply reframing that core belief to “I am worthy '', I triggered a complete renewal of my thoughts, my actions; I even changed the way I breathed to reflect this new belief. 

I made room for my true self to come through. 

I began to deepen my connection to Spirit and I started to see through a new lens. This opened me up to the beauty within me, and also to the beauty in humanity. 

I am still on this journey of discovery; we’re always learning. I’m not here to preach or teach, but rather to share my heart and my own self discovery.

What this work has taught me is to be the change, to be the light, and when you continue to show up like that, you can be a source of inspiration to others. 

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