Connect to your heart and elevate into a higher state of being with Mei-lan’s soul healing music. Each album was created with a specific intention from Mei-lan’s heart to yours.

  • Eternal is connection to the Universe – it is expansion, timelessness. This will be your experience when you listen. You will feel your creativity, your higher self, that which you cannot explain emerge and soar to new heights. When creating this album, Ali and I allowed the songs to flow through, simply vibing, creating, and letting ourselves feel the music and energy coming through.
    Eternal is our masterpiece; the culmination of years of study, practice, and experience in the realm of creating music.

  • Is there a part of you that feels deep emotions, but doesn't know how to release them in a way that feels positive and healing?

    It is possible to release your emotions with ease and grace.

    This is the gift of soul healing music, and this is one of the results of listening to "Reverence."

    Reverence is a beautiful collaboration between Mei-lan and Ali Pervez Mehdi, combining etheric and ethnic tones to create a beautiful harmony of earthly and Divine.

  • If you’re feeling imbalanced, stuck, or overwhelmed, you can welcome healing by turning inward.

    “Within” holds a sacred transmission of the power of yin. The purpose and intention of this album are for you to reconnect and access that space inside of you that is pure, divine, and sacred.

    Once you connect to this radiant light inside of you, you reclaim your soul’s essence, which is love. This album will support you in coming home to your body and rooting into the wisdom of your soul.

  • By listening to Illumination, you will receive the light code activation—to receive peace, healing, inspiration, hope, and comfort and to connect you to source light.

    Each song was designed to serve as mini-meditations when listened to on their own. To really immerse yourself in a deeply transformational experience, listen to the album in full.

  • Awaken to love, Awaken to your purpose, Awaken to Source, Awaken to all that you are.

    Claim your birthright: the right to live as a sovereign being filled with light and wonder.

    Now is the time to let go of what’s holding you back and embrace all that you are.

  • A good night’s sleep is a gift — a time where our body goes into a state of rest to reset and rejuvenate your entire system.

    When we’re well rested, our spirits are energized and we transmit that engird out into the world.

    This album was created to nurture your soul while you sleep so that you wake up feeling well rested and ready to move through your day with ease and grace.


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