My mission is to help humanity through its evolutionary process into love, joy, freedom, and truth. I live to connect people back to their soul. But I wasn’t always this way. 

I come from a unique background. I was born into a religious cult that had a set of rigid belief systems and way of thinking. This community isolated itself from society to ensure that its teachings and ways of living were followed by its members. 

I grew up in fear as I was taught that the world was a scary place and it was going to end in my lifetime. I quickly learned that my voice, thoughts, and feelings didn’t matter and I was to always put everyone else first before myself. I was taught not to value myself and felt like I didn’t matter. 

I started to interact with the world for the first time in my late teens when my family left the cult. I had no guidance for integration into society and it wasn’t long before things started to spin out of control.

I began a long journey into heartache, confusion, and tragedy. I tried escaping it through addiction. I wanted to numb out the pain I was feeling inside. 

In 2011, I had my first awakening. I felt shaken to the core and realized my connection to the spirit realm. The veil had been completely lifted where paranormal became normal for me.

This also began my journey into the Dark Night of the Soul. As painful as this process was, something else began to grow: A strength, a resilience. I began to access an innate pearl of wisdom inside of me. For the first time, I felt my soul, and my connection to Spirit developed. 

This connection to Source power is what got me through the next years of my life where I was deeply tested in what I now understand was a breaking, a shattering of old limiting belief systems. Through this breaking came the realization that I am here for something far greater than just existing. I saw my specific purpose in life, my mission, why I am really here. 

I feel grateful and honored every day to be able to share it with you. 

All of my teachings, courses, meditations, and music all came out of the healing process that I have been through. I share it with the intention to help guide people back to their soul light, as I was.

With all of my love and blessings,